Airport Badging

The Aspen/Pitkin County Airport Credentialing Program issues and manages airport security credentials of ASE staff, airline employees, concessionaires, vendors, stakeholders, emergency responders and general aviation tenants that require access to airport properties.

Badging Office Location, Hours and Contact Information

Airport Operations Center

1001 Owl Creek Road

Aspen CO 81611


Monday – Thursday 9am - 4:30pm 




Please contact your designated Authorized Signer to initiate the process for a new badge or renewal.

For General Aviation badge requests, please contact Atlantic Aviation (970) 920 2016.


Badge Application

Badge Application Process Explained


Portal for Authorized Signer staff management

Authorized Signatory Portal


Badging FAQs

What is required to start the badging process?

1) You must meet with your designated Authorized Signer first to start the process.

2) Aspen Airport requires TWO (2) forms of unexpired and original ID's (no copies) as outlined in Federal Form I-9.  Examples: Current Drivers License, Social Security Card, original or certified copy of your Birth Certificate, unexpired Passport.  If you were born outside of the United States, you will need to provide other documentation as outlined in Federal Form I-9.  Please contact your Authorized Signer for details.  


How long will the badging process take?

1st appointment for New Applicants: During your first appointment, expect around 30 minutes for ID Check, Fingerprinting, Photo and other biometrics to submit to TSA (for your Security Threat Assessment - STA) and FBI (or your Criminal History Records Check - CHRC).  STA and CHRC results generally take 48-72 hours for approval, but can take up to 30-45 days if you are foreign-born or more information is needed.

2nd appointment for Security and Badge Training: 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on type of badge and position. Please contact your Authorized Signer for details on your specific training requirements.


What kind of testing do we have to take?  Can we study for the tests?

Training videos are assigned to you dependant upon airport areas in which you need access.   

You will watch a series of films and answer questions pertaining to each section after.  Notepads and pens are supplied for notetaking.  There is no need to study before your appointment. 

The Badging Administrator and Security Trainer will be happy to answer all questions you have during this training session.


For how long are badges valid?

Badges are valid for up to two years


What kind of clearance does my badge provide?

Your badge will give you clearance to the locations required to perform your job duties. If you are a GA tenant, you will have access to Atlantic Aviation and the designated GA Area only.


What are your escorting procedures?

You may escort up to six (6) people or two (2) vehicles.  They must remain under your positive control (sight and audible) while under your escort at all times.