Phase I

Future Air service Study Phase I

Airline industry trends include a shortage of aircraft, fewer airlines, changing regional jet specifications, intense competition for air service, significant airline investments and airlines requesting risk sharing with communities. Given this environment, the Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners directed staff to develop a study that would provide insight into industry trends, Aspen’s air service market and options, and airfield/airspace configuration. Phase one of the study was completed in November of 2013.


This study addressed the following questions:

• What is the changing technology of future aircraft serving ASE?

• What can ASE do to best sustain future air service?

• How would ASE accommodate these operations?

• What are the impacts and benefits to the airport and community?

• What is best for the future health of the community?


Phase I of the Study included:

• Evaluation of current and future regional jets and their ability to operate at ASE

• Consideration of future fleet mix and impacts air service development at ASE

• Presentation to the Board, decision point to scope and continue onto Phase II


Download Final Report : Future Air Services Planning Study Phase Part1

Download PowerPoint Presentation: BOCC Meeting Future Air Services Study Phase Presentation

Watch Video BOCC Work Session 11/19/2013