Preliminary Airport Terminal Concepts to be Reviewed and Narrowed


The public will get its first look at several preliminary airport terminal concepts during a public workshop this week. The concept drawings, ranging from a single story building to a two story configuration, incorporate public input gathered at community visioning meetings last spring.

“We heard from the community that it wants an airport terminal with features that maximize views, one that is intimate with a small town feel, appropriately sized and that celebrates the arrival and departure experience for travelers,” said Aspen/Pitkin County Airport Director, John Kinney.

The terminal concepts include: A single story, split level, nested, and two story linear options. Each of the options will be presented to the public with emphasis on massing, terminal layout and function, and view opportunities from the different configurations.  

“These are preliminary drawings that mostly show the footprint of the different terminal configurations,” Kinney said. “These are in no way final designs, and they don’t show any internal or external design features, but they will help us refine the building possibilities and we continue the EA process. Public input is critical at this stage,” Kinney said.

Other information that will be shared at the workshop are preliminary information on aircraft loading and vehicle parking and circulation around the terminal.

The workshop will be held on Thursday, October 22nd from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Limelight Hotel in Aspen. Beginning October 23rd, the public will have an opportunity to make comments about the project online at