Noise Abatement

Noise Abatement Procedures

In response to local community and environmental concerns, the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport is seeking the cooperation of all aircraft operators to adhere to the following described noise abatement procedures whenever possible:

Approach and Landing: 
1. Inbound flight path should not require more than a 20 degree bank angle to follow noise abatement track.
2. Observe all airspeed limitations and ATC instructions.
3. Initial inbound altitude for noise abatement areas will be a descending path from 2,500 feet AGL or higher. Maintain minimum airspeed (1 .3Vs+20 KIAS) with gear retracted and minimum approach flap setting.
4. At the final approach fix (FAF) or not more than 4 miles from runway threshold, extend landing gear. Final landing flap configuration should be delayed at pilot's discretion to enhance noise abatement.
5. During landing, use minimum reverse thrust consistent with safety for runway conditions and available length.

NBAA Approach and Landing

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These NBAA noise procedures are recommended as standard for all operations where aircraft manufacturers have not recommended specific procedures. The NBAA procedures are to supplement and be complementary to established noise abatement programs containing procedures and techniques for specific aircraft.

When professional opinion indicates that the procedures and techniques recommended for specific aircraft are less effective than the NBAA procedures, pilots are encouraged to contact the manufacturers and airport management with specific recommendations for change.

Fly assigned ATC heading or standard departure procedure. If no heading or departure procedure is assigned turn right heading of 360° for two miles before proceeding on course.


Turbo Jet Business Aircraft Noise Limitations

Noise abatement procedures should be made part of the routine in operating aircraft in and out of all airports, not just Sardy Field. Aircraft operators must take the initiative and responsibility to obtain all pertinent information on the local noise abatement policies followed at this airport:

Stage I Aircraft:
No Person shall operate any Aircraft to, from, or on the Airport that is Stage I, pursuant to the noise rating standards of FAR Part 36.

Stage II Aircraft:
No Person shall conduct any Nighttime Operations in an Aircraft that is certificated as Stage 2, pursuant to the noise rating standards of FAR Part 36.

Stage III Aircraft:
No Person shall arrive at the Airport in an Aircraft that is certificated as Stage III, pursuant to the noise rating standards of FAR Part 36, between 2300 and 0700 MST.
No Person shall depart from the Airport in an Aircraft that is certificated as Stage III between 2230 and 0700 MST.