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Traveler Tip

Parking lots can fill quickly during peak travel times.

Parking at ASE is Easy

ASE offers two convenient parking lots for travelers: Bear Lot is located feet from the terminal entrance and the Elk Lot (Economy) is a short walk from Baggage Claim. Follow signage on Airport Road (frontage road running parallel to Hwy 82). Click here to see a larger image of the map. 


LAZ Parking is our strategic partner and manages both Bear Lot and Elk Lot.

For immediate assistance, press the HELP button at the exit gates or at the terminal pay stations.

For more information, you can reach LAZ Parking at 970-309-5497.

Current Parking Status

Bear Lot



Elk Lot



Parking Details

How to Pay:

The parking systems at the airport are fully automated. ONLY credit card payments are accepted at the exit kiosks. Cash and credit cards are accepted at the pay stations inside the terminal located at the entrances of both the Arrival and Departure gates. This is a cashier-less system. Customers with cash only must bring their ticket into the terminal to one of the pay stations.

**If parking for 2-12 hours, the rate is $6 per hour up to $40 MAX. After 12 hours, the rates return to normal.


Located just steps from the terminal entrance.

· The first 30 minutes are free.
· The next 30 minutes at two dollars ($2).
· The next hour at two dollars ($2).
· Every hour from 2 hours to 12 hours will be six dollars ($6) per hour with a max of forty dollars ($40).
· After the twelve-hour time, the rate will be the daily rate of twelve dollars ($12).
· The lost ticket fee is $75.


Located a short walk from the baggage claim.

· The first 30 minutes are free.
· The next 30 minutes at one dollar ($1).
· The next hour at one dollar ($1).
· Every hour from 2 hours to 12 hours will be six dollars ($6) per hour with a max of forty dollars ($40).
· After the twelve-hour time, the rate will be the daily rate of six dollars ($6).
· The lost ticket fee is $75.

Parking FAQs

How do I pay for parking?

Drive up to the exit gate in either lot and scan your parking ticket. The exit kiosks only take credit card. Swipe your cc to pay the displayed fee. Press for a receipt if needed.

Can I pay with cash?

There are two kiosks just inside the doors to the Arrival and Departure Terminals. Scan your parking ticket, pay cash at the kiosk, and exit by using your original ticket.

How much does it cost to park?

The Bear Lot is $12 per day and the Elk Lot is $6 per day. If you are parking for less than 12 hours, see the rate signs above for a detailed breakdown.

Can I pay through my phone?

YES! Text the word ‘PAY’ to (970) 710-3604 and follow the check-out screen on your browser.

I lost my parking ticket. What do I do?

There is a button on the screen at each exit kiosk labeled ‘Lost Ticket’. Press the ‘Lost Ticket’ button and pay the displayed fee of $75 to exit. You can contact LAZ Parking for more information at (970) 309-5297.

I pressed the screen for a ticket but nothing is happening.

The touch screens work best when touched lightly. Touch the button lightly to produce a ticket and enter the lot.

Is there a shuttle service at ASE?

No. Both of our parking lots are located within walking distance to the terminal.


Public Transportation

Bus service provided by RFTA is free into Aspen and Snowmass. Fares apply for all stops north past the Brush Creek Intercept Lot. Follow the signs at the Baggage Claim exit. The Information Booth in Baggage Claim can provide schedules and local bus information.

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Parking & Transportation

Traveler Tip

Drive with caution in seasonal high alpine weather conditions.
Worry Free Rentals

Rental Cars

Several national companies provide rentals at ASE. Rental Car Counters are located in the Baggage Claim/Arrivals Area of the Terminal. Rental car return is conveniently located a few minute walk from the terminal.

Rental Providers
Parking & Transportation
Taxis and Car Service

Ground Transportation

There are several ground transportation providers authorized to service ASE. Taxis are readily available or pre-arranged transportation can be made with our many Limousine providers, Hotel Shuttles, and Ridesharing services. Taxis, Limousines, and Hotel Shuttles can be met directly outside Baggage Claim in the Ground Transportation Circle while Ridesharing services can be met directly on the front drive.

Ground Transportation