Aspen Aero

Aspen Aero is a flight school specializing in creating new, mountain savvy private pilots. We fly with pilots of all experience levels, introducing them to the intricate issues inherent when operating in mountainous terrain. We have several very experienced, local, ATP rated instructors.

Gary Kraft
Chief Flight Instructor
(970) 274-0520

Aspen Flight Academy

The Aspen Flight Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit flight training school giving students the opportunity to become certified pilots. Their mission is to empower youths and adults to learn about the joys and responsibilities of flying by providing students with classroom and flight training needed to pilot aircraft. The Aspen School District Aviation Program is a unique opportunity in the Aspen School District that uses aerospace and aviation to enhance learning and education for ages K-12.

Garrett Seddon
Aviation Director and Instructor of Aeronautics
970-925-3760 Ext. 2106