Operating Hours

The Aspen/Pitkin County Airport is attended: 0700 – 2300 MST

Airport Closed: 2300 – 0700 MST

Air Traffic Control Tower Hours: 0700 – 2000 MST

Airport Uncontrolled from: 2000 – 2300 MST



Curfew Restrictions

All Stage I aircraft operations prohibited; violators will be prosecuted. Stage II/III aircraft only from 0700 MST to 30 minutes after sunset by County ordinance. Stage III aircraft only from 30 minutes after sunset to 2300 MST. No departures after 2230 MST. Noise abatement required – fly ATC assigned heading or standard departure procedure. If no heading or departure procedure is assigned turn right noise abatement heading of 360 for 2 miles before proceeding on course.

All such commercial operations shall have arrived at the Airport (landed on the ground) prior to 2300 hours, local time. All scheduled commercial airlines departures from the Airport, shall depart prior to 2230 hours, local time.

Exemptions will only be granted to aircraft operating in an emergency capacity (medevac/flight for life, SAR, firefighting operations, etc…).

Nighttime General Aviation Restrictions

For all general aviation operations between 30 minutes after sunset to 2300 MST the following applies:

VFR Operations: Aircraft equipped as required under FAR 91.205 (D) for instrument flight and pilot is instrument rated; VFR pilot in command has completed at least one takeoff or landing in the preceding 12 months at ASE.

IFR Operations: Execute approach and departure procedures with air trafficcontrol clearance.