Winter Safety
Winter Operations and Safety Reminders for the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport

Winter Safety

During the winter season, Aspen Airport sees heavy traffic with the influx of ski season vacationers.  Please review the following reminders.  We can all participate in actively promoting safety during winter activities by helping recognize a situation that may compromise operations at KASE.

De-Ice Pad/Run-Up

Aspen/Pitkin County Airport has a de-ice pad which is located in conjunction with the run-up area, east of taxiway Alpha; please use caution when operating within and around the area. The run-up area and de-ice pad area combined is; 96,407sq.ft; 100% usable for de-icing operations and 50% usable as the run-up area.  As an advisory, unless otherwise instructed, please contact Aspen Ground: 121.9 mhz, before taxiing from the de-ice pad/run-up area back unto taxiway Alpha.

Mud and Slush

Mud and slush pose a hazard to aircraft wheel wells and interfere with the operation of retractable landing gear, as brakes can freeze and lock the wheels.  Follow the POH for specifics on the procedures and materials to be used on aircraft wheels.


Please be aware and check all current field conditions, as well as WX, PIREPS and freezing level reports for the safe operation of your flight.

Deicing an aircraft does not completely guarantee an ice-free aircraft.  An aircraft’s controls can still freeze, if new precipitation is falling while the aircraft is taxiing or while waiting for a release.  Recheck the controls before takeoff.