Closure Update:

It was announced several weeks ago the airport will be closed next spring from May 6-23, and the exact closure and reopening times have recently been announced. The airport will now close at 8 AM on Monday, May 6, and is now scheduled to reopen at 7 PM on Thursday, May 23. This will allow the final two inbound commercial flights to operate on Sunday, May 5, along with the first two outbound flights from ASE at 7:45 AM and 7:50 AM on Monday, May 6.  Likewise with the airport now scheduled to reopen at 7 PM on the 23rd, this will allow nearly all evening inbound remain overnight’s (RON’s) to operate as scheduled, enabling aircraft and flight crews to be in position to operate all scheduled flights in both directions on Friday, May 24. While not all published selling schedules from the airlines reflect this planned closure yet, those schedules are expected to be adjusted over the coming weeks.


Dates for 2024 Pavement Maintenance at Aspen/Pitkin County Airport Announced

The work, which occurs annually, will close the airport from May 6 – 23, 2024

PITKIN COUNTY, COLO. (Sept. 28, 2023) – The dates for the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport’s annual spring closure have been announced. The flying public should plan for a May 6 – 23, 2024 closure for airfield pavement maintenance. Due to the facility’s aging airfield pavement, the airport must perform yearly maintenance to its runway, taxiway, and aprons. The work is part of the airport’s ongoing mission to ensure a safe and reliable transportation facility. Please contact your airline for specific travel related arrangements or the airport’s Fixed Base Operator for General Aviation inquiries. For additional information, contact Sandra Story, Executive Assistant at the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport,, 970-319-3498.

Read more about the state of the airport’s runway and a news release about the most recent closure in May, 2023.


Fechas de 2024 anunciadas para el mantenimiento de pavimento en el Aeropuerto de Aspen/Condado de Pitkin
El trabajo, que se lleva a cabo anualmente, cerrará el aeropuerto desde el 6 de mayo hasta el 23 de mayo, 2024

CONDADO DE PITKIN, COLO. (28 de septiembre, 2023) –  Se han anunciado las fechas del cierre primaveral de cada año del Aeropuerto de Aspen/Condado de Pitkin. El público que viaja en avión debe planificar un cierre del 6 de mayo al 23 de mayo de 2024 para el mantenimiento del pavimento del área de vuelo. Debido al deteriorado pavimento en el área de vuelo, el aeropuerto debe realizar mantenimiento anual en la pista, las calles de rodaje y las plataformas. El trabajo forma parte de la misión continua del aeropuerto de garantizar una instalación de transporte segura y confiable. Por favor, comuníquese con su aerolínea para obtener arreglos específicos relacionados con los viajes o con el Operador de Base Fija del aeropuerto para consultas de Aviación General. Para obtener información adicional, comuníquese con Sandra Story, Asistente Ejecutiva del Aeropuerto de Aspen/Condado de Pitkin,, 970-319-3498.

Lea más sobre el estado de la pista del aeropuerto y un comunicado de prensa sobre el cierre más reciente en mayo de 2023.


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