UAS Operation Rules

Aspen-Pitkin Airport UAS Information

There are two categories of UAS operations: Hobbyist and Commercial. To be certain what category you fall under as a pilot, refer to 14 CFR Part 107


Hobbyist Operators

Hobbyist drone operations may be conducted in Class D (within four miles of the airport) airspace as long as the Air Traffic Control (ATC) facility is notified. ATC does not “approve” these operations; however, ATC may disapprove them based on safety related issues.

If ATC considers the flight location and altitude to be reasonable, they will accept the notification and provide affected manned aircraft with advisories. Operators should also advise ATC when the operation is complete.

If ATC believes the operation to be unsafe, they will advise the operator that the operation is disapproved. Different areas and altitudes may be considered. If a new location/altitude is agreed on, ATC will ask for the operation start and stop times and provide advisories to manned aircraft as needed. ATC will not “approve” the operation and the responsibility for safe flight lays solely on the operator.

To contact the local ATC facility, call (970) 925-6898, during normal operating hours; 0700am to 0800pm every day.


Commercial Operators

Commercial Operators may request waivers (Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA)) from the FAA to fly near or in an airport’s airspace. Applications can be made on the FAA website by following the link below. Local ATC personnel periodically review pending/disapproved requests and may approve them with additional restrictions. Remember, tower personnel are not allowed to “approve” Part 107 operations. They must be requested through the FAA website:


Additional Information

Aspen airport suggests the use of the FAA app B4UFly, the Airmap app, and the website for real time information of approved operating areas and the 5 mile radius around airports.